Your cat will be eternally grateful to you for introducing this magical Silver Vine stick into their life. Your cat will definitely reward you with epic snuggles for giving them this silver vine stick. That is after the hyperactive effect wears off and they calm down and remember who you are!

Made from 100% natural and unprocessed Silver Vine, these silver vine sticks are the perfect thing for your cat. It will relieve stress and anxiety in your cat and sharpen their natural hunting skills and provide numerous health benefits. Your favourite little furball will get all jittery with these sticks that are healthy for their natural instincts. They can chew on it, rub, and lick and roll over them.

Chewing on it will improve their dental health and give them fresh breath and clean teeth. It will also help remove hair balls and harmful substances from their body. They will go into a euphoric state which will positively impact their emotional and physical wellbeing. Silver vine will also promote deeper between you and your cat, and your pet will be more willing to cuddle- especially those that are shy or skittish.

Silver Vine Stick (M) 6 pcs