Absorbs massively and prevents leaks.

The basis of a right potty pad is that it absorbs liquid enormously and doesn't seep back. Our potty pad is a five-layered structure that sucks in fluid instantly and prevents leaking surely. You'll be amazed that our large-sized potty pad's surface remains dry even after absorbing approximately 1200 ml of liquid. 

Super absorbency polymers (SAP) by Sumitomo Corporation is the secret to the robust absorbing power. The polymers quickly expand after it contacted liquid, and then they seamlessly combine to a gel state.

Fluff pulp by International Paper USA fixates the SAP. One placed on top and another one at the bottom of the SAP. This way, it speeds up the fluid absorbing and locks in liquid, so it doesn't seep back. 

You can use our potty pad for dog toilet, cat litter box, pet carrier, pet crates, and pet pens. And during your pet's pregnancy and lactation. Or as delivery room layout.  


1. Do not flush into the toilet after use to avoid blockage of the downpipe.

2. Please keep it in a dry place and away from direct light and prevent your pet from eating it.

Pidan Potty Pad