An Intelligent Water

Dual modes to meet your needs at any time

Equipped with light sensor and water volumetric indicator, when the fountain is working at the SMART mode which is more quite and energy-saving, it can automatically change the water welling up frequency between day and night. when at the NORMAL mode, the water would keep welling up to make sure that your pets can always get access to the fresh water, especially after their intensive activity back to home from the outside.


Beyond Clean More Of Healthy Water

Mesh screen, activated carbon and ion-exchange-resin

Replaceable filter units and unique water flow will effectively screen the impurities, reduce chlorine and 
remove the heavy metal ions. EVERSWEET helps to improve the water quality, beyond clean but more of 
healthy water to your pets, to protect them far away from urinary system diseases.


Dedicated to All Details

Unique water flow design with circulation 
filtration to deliver fresh water always

The water would be fully exposure to the filter unit, which guarantee the fresh water can be provided to your pets anytime they need it. With the circulation filtration of the water, enough fresh water can be taken all the time they want.



Petkit Water fountain