NOTE: For those who have the older Eversweet model (version 1 fountain), you will need the Filter Tray add-on to apply this Replacement filter. To repeat, for those that have the latest PETKIT EVERSWEET water fountain (Gen 2) as shown in the pictures, you do not need a tray.


ENHANCED FILTRATION - The Double Filtering Components and High-Density Micropore Filter Pulp allows for PETKIT FILTER 2.0 to capture your pet's hair and other impurities in the water, effectively protecting your pets from urinary tract system diseases.

INSTRUCTION NOTE: The filter should be replaced every 3 months under the SMART MODE and 1 month in NORMAL MODE. The filter indicator will turn ORANGE when the filter needs to be replaced.

IMPORTANT - Before you start using the new filters, please make sure to soak the new filter unit twice (2) before use. Once the filter has been replaced, press the black RESET button for 5 seconds on the bottom of the fountain after you have replaced the older filter with the new filter.


Filter Duration:

Smart Mode: 3 months

Normal Mode: 1 month

PETKIT Eversweet Smart Water Fountain Replacement Filter