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COVID-19 Update June 14th, 2020:

With Ontario opening up, our doors are no longer locked. Customers are welcome to go into the store. But we kindly ask all customers to keep masks on and to keep proper social distancing.

Now the best way to get an appointment is by calling us (613)680-2222.

Thank you! ❤️

COVID-19 Update May 17th, 2020:

Yay! I think I have finished calling people who emailed me! And also messages from the website, and voice mail! If I have missed you, sorry! Please remind me. Thank you so much for writing me those emails! They made this so much easier and organized! And thank you for your patience! Thank you thank you!

We still have some spots in June, if you would like to book.

I am glad we are back!

However it is still not perfectly safe out there. So here are some of the things we are doing to ensure the safety of everyone:

  • Until it is safe, our door will be locked. We are only taking in one customer at a time.

  • At the time of your appointment, we will open the door for you. Please come in till we are 2 meters away.

  • We will be wearing masks and gloves, and we encourage you to wear them, too.

  • Please drop your pet in the separate pen area close to the door. We will get your pet after you leave.

  • For most of our clients, I already know the style and length that you prefer, if anything needs to be talked about, we can talk in distance (>2 meters) or talk on the phone.

  • We will call you once your pet is ready to be picked up. And he/she will be in the pen area waiting to be picked up :)

  • For payment, we have a mobile touch screen debit machine, which is relatively easy to clean and disinfect. We can leave it close to the door for you to tap if you are comfortable with that, we will disinfect it every time someone used it. Or we can take email transfer to (please set password to "furever"), or credit card through the phone.

There are a lot of new things. We will clean and disinfect as much as we can! There could be some delay due to more time spent cleaning. Thank you for your corporation and understanding!

Thank you so much again and see you at your appointment!


COVID-19 Update May 14th, 2020:

Ontario just announced the re-open date for pet grooming is Tuesday, May 19th.

We are experiencing high volumes of calls and emails, as expected. I am trying my best to get as organized as I can, as soon as I can. Please be patient, I will get back to you I promise! Again I will try my best to take more urgent cases first to prevent further health issues!

Please see May 8th Update on how you can make an appointment with us!

Thank you! ❤️

COVID-19 Update May 8th, 2020:

Hope everyone is safe and healthy! It's been almost 2 months since we stopped all grooming services due to COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and I also really thank all the supportive messages from my clients. ❤️ I know a lot of dogs and cats are really in need of grooming.. Ontario is slowly opening up, I will try my best to get to everyone as soon as we are told allowed to groom by the province. *The date is unknown yet, hopefully in the next two weeks (I'm guessing). I am making a list of people to call to get organized. And I am taking dogs and cats that need it the most first, like pets who are badly matted/ nails overgrown/ or any situation that could affect the pet's health. If you need an appointment please send me your info through our email: (I think email would be the most efficient way as a lot of calls will come in at first and we will be very busy grooming.) (Normal times I would love to chat with you though..)

Please include these in your booking email: 1. Your name; 2. Phone number; 3. Pet's name, breed, age, approximate weight, gender; 4. Returning or new, if new, please attach a picture of his/her vaccine certificate with the email; 5. Briefly describe how your pet is doing now, the urgency for grooming. And anything I should know before grooming including allergies, sensitive areas, temperament, etc.

(You don't need to send the email if you are already on my list (have called or emailed me before.)) Email again is:

Looking forward to re-open grooming! We will take every possible step to clean and disinfect the store and in between appointments. We will also wear masks at all times and gloves whenever we can. I will ask clients to drop off dogs or cats in our separated pen area when they come in to minimize human contact. Please still stay home if you are having symptoms related to COVID-19, and if you have traveled 14 days before your appointment. Your cooperation is very important to keep everyone safe, thank you!

Pet food and supplies retail has been listed as one of the essential services. Furever Doggy Salon will still be here for your pets' well being during this difficult time.

Please note our hours has been reduced to 4pm-7pm Wednesdays to Mondays (except Tuesdays closed).

Monday 4pm-7pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 4pm-7pm

Thursday 4pm-7pm

Friday 4pm-7pm

Saturday 4pm-7pm

Sunday 4pm-7pm

The floor, doors, counters, shelves, debit machine, etc will be disinfected with bleach, alcohol, leucillen, etc, repeatedly. Pick-up and payment can all be done at the door, you do not have to come into the store. Please visit our online store at to view our products, **please call us before placing an order as stock might change: (613) 680-2222.

We will also do no-contact delivery 🚗. We will wear protective masks and gloves to protect all of us. Please note that we will only take credit cards, Email transfer, AliPay, or WeChat pay, no cash. FREE delivery on orders over $60 within 10km radius from the store. Call us for details 😊.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. Stay safe and take care! ❤️

Furever Doggy Salon


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