Owner and Pet Groomer Mandy:


     I was always an animal person. Just before graduating from Carleton University's Biology program, I found myself wanting to do something more hands-on, practical, and meaningful. Therefore attended the Veterinary Assistant program at Algonquin College. From then on, a whole new world opened up. I finally found my goal, so I worked at an Ottawa local animal hospital -- Lansdowne Animal Hospital after graduating from Carleton University and Algonquin College in 2011. It was four and a half years full of passion at the clinic, I gained not only medical experiences but a lot more, by helping and understanding pets, and their people. In the meantime, I was always eager to learn everything about pets. I took grooming classes in Canada and overseas in my home country China. In 2015, I decided to start my own career!

      Furever Doggy Salon started small, but with two years of growth and great feedback, we moved into a brand new renovated shop in the friendly neighbourhood of Nepean in May 2017!  

      With my animal clinic experience, I know how important it is to keep our pets clean, as fur and skin are part of the first line of defence of their immune system.  Grooming is not all about being pretty, but also for staying healthy~ We love to see people's smiles when they pick up their furry friends!

Dog Groomer Luna:


Hi! My name is Luna and I have been a dog groomer for 1 year. I have a dog named Yui and a cat named JY. I love spending time with my babies, like walking my dog at the park or just sitting around watching Netflix with them. They are where my passion for pets comes from. Looking forward to seeing your babies in our salon!